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The Consumer Credit Research Foundation (CCRF) solicits grant proposals for high-quality research related to payday lending and other short-term, high-interest consumer financial products.


CCRF has a limited number of Basic Research Grants and Research Stipends available to academics and other researchers.


Basic Research Grants are long-term (2-3 year) grants for major new research initiatives that would not occur without CCRF funding. Funds can be used to support the execution of field experiments, the conducting of household surveys or the purchase of proprietary industry data. Basic Grants can also fund summer salary for faculty members, as well as research assistance and other support expenses. Basic Grants may be awarded in amounts from $25,000-$250,000, with amounts on the higher end only awarded in exceptional cases.


Funds for Basic Grants are contingent on the timely execution of the project, culminating in the production of high-quality academic research papers.


Research Stipends are small-scale grants designed to support academic research in progress. A limited number of Research Stipends in the amount of $10,000 will be awarded.


Research Stipend funds are contingent upon the submission of an original research paper to the CCRF working paper series.




Send a one-page letter of interest indicating the research topic and its relevance to payday lending or related issues, along with a recent CV by November 30, 2008 to:


CONTACT: Grants and Research
Consumer Credit Research Foundation


The letter of interest must indicate the type of grant requested and a total budget. Researchers will be contacted by January 30, 2009 with a decision (if requesting a Research Stipend) or an invitation to submit a full proposal (if requesting a Basic Research Grant).




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