March 7, 2007 - Former House Financial Services Committee Staffer McEleney to Head Consumer Credit Research Foundation


December 6, 2006 Christmas Borrowing and Indiana 's Payday-Loan Law


August 30, 2006 Payday Lending: What We Need to Know


April 27, 2006 - Study Argues Soldiers Need Short-Term Credit Access


April 27, 2005 - Foundation Rebuts Flawed Calif. Report


January 4, 2005 - Fast Cash is Gaining Currency - The Dallas Morning News


December 15, 2004 - Payday Lending Research Group Asserts Payday Lending Fills Market Need - BNA's Banking Daily



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The Consumer Credit Research Foundation is committed to adding a reasoned and rational voice to the public debate on consumer lending and the availability of short-term credit. If you have a media request please contact us directly at


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Please refer to these two studies for additional information on the subject of payday lending.


1. Low-Cost Payday Loans: Opportunities and Obstacles by Sheila Bair. Prepared by the Annie E. Casey Foundation (June 2005)


2. Predatory Lending? by Samuel Hanson and Donald P. Morgan. Federal Reserve. (May 2005)



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As a non-profit organization, exempt under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, the Consumer Credit Research Foundation is dedicated to growing and building a reliable set of research and data on the availability of consumer credit, the industry that provides credit services, the consumers that use them and the local, state and federal officials who oversee these services. We believe that many of the issues around the availability of consumer credit are in need of better public discourse about the products and services lenders provide and how those consumers go about making informed, rational choices as they secure and use credit.


The Consumer Credit Research Foundation was formed to support economic research into the issues surrounding the availability, choice and cost of consumer credit for middle-class Americans and to educate the public regarding credit and the results of such research.


If you would like to contribute to the Consumer Credit Research Foundation's efforts, please contact us at (202) 393-0013 or email Thank you for your interest and we look foward to hearing from you.




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